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Super Easy Banana Bread in 5 Minutes!
Grain, Gluten & Sugar Free

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Why is Gluten Not Healthy for You or Your Family?

Scientific research has shown that the gut brain connection is powerful and directly relates to our mental and physical health. What this means is that what we eat actually affects how our brain works and how our physical body functions. The food we consume either builds our body strong or causes complications with digestion which in turn can affect our thoughts, focus and emotions or causes actual physical concerns such as stomach pain, indigestion, nausea, irritable bowel, joint pain, migraines and more.

From my own personal experience, going gluten free produced miraculous results! Before I went gluten free, out of nowhere, I couldn't button my pants. I started to feel shaky and not full after eating. More symptoms started to control my life. My high energy self was suddenly super-glued to my bed. Then, the nausea and anxiety became overwhelming. The doctors offered little help outside of drugs that made me feel worse.


When my sister suggested going gluten free, I laughed. She didn't understand the severity of how sick I was. How could our food make us sick? That seemed like a ridiculous thought. But when I felt like I was on my death bed, I committed to gluten free diet and everything changed! Going gluten free was like a miracle. So simple but yet so challenging. It's not easy to do in a mainstream society where the goal is not health but sales in food addiction.


Healthy Breakfast

My best friend cried when she found out I had to go gluten free, not because I figured out what was wrong with me, but because I was a full-time working mom with a special needs child and I already had an overloaded scheduled, barely able to make it through each day. Going gluten free felt like a curse. It was so hard.


It took me years to finally figure out how to successfully incorporate a dedicated gluten free lifestyle that was easy, simple and celebrated life. On a daily basis, I need to feed my entire family and the guests I entertain. Let's not forget birthday parties and holidays, and special treats for the kids. I didn't want to be the house with the yucky food that everyone wanted to avoid, nor did I want to go broke feeding guests gluten free food but I was not about to stop entertaining! 


That is why I want to help you, and as many people as I can with my super easy, food freedom plan. Save years of stress and trial and error! Learn how to avoid the #1 block that will sabotage everyones success when attempting a gluten free lifestyle. Transition smoothly and easily with support from someone who has spent a decade simplifying a gluten free family lifestyle.


Gluten free has changed my life and the lives of so many people I know, from clients to family and friends.

And, I want to help you empower your health and the ones you love by sharing the secrets of going gluten free easily and simply!

Basically, your grandma was right. We are what we eat. So, if you are eating junk that is nutrient-void full of chemicals, pesticides, additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers, sugar, artificial flavors and colors, your body and mind will not be functioning at its best. In fact, as organic human organisms our digestive system was designed to eat organic material for use as energy for every cell in our body. Our bodies need diverse nutrients for optimal health. So, if our body can't process what we are eating effectively, our systems are greatly compromised.


Unfortunately, wheat for many of us, causes an immune response (triggered by gluten) that targets and breaks down the villi of the intestines. This is called Celiac's disease. I don't have Celiac's disease but I am intolerant to gluten and get very sick. Gluten sensitivity can debilitating even if you don't test positive for Celiac's disease, and and is far more prevalent. Intolerance does cause significant symptoms, including physical and mental health concerns. Headaches and migraines, brain fog, fatigue, irritable bowl, mood disorders and anxiety, including body, joint and stomach pain are only a few of the symptoms gluten can cause. Our bodies are so uniquely diverse that are responses are as unique as our individual selves.

Cutting edge doctors all agree that gluten is not a part of a healthy diet, and all nutritionists agree that eating processed grains of any type does not support your overall health.


If you are ready to take charge of you and your family's health, join me!

In this private group, you will have support from other moms who are just like you, wanting the best health for your family. You will learn mom hacks and tips for incorporating gluten free easily into your life along with recipes and product reviews. Plus, holidays and birthday parties, no problem! We've you covered with the best mom hacks and best recipes!


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