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 The Secret to Joy

Discover Joy in the Chaos while Breaking the Cycle of Anxious Thoughts
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As a mother, my heart had been shattered,
crushed and nearly destroyed.
Could I make it through another day?

After seven years of infertility, two miscarriages, mega doses of drugs and infertility treatments plus a simple operation that threatened my life, I thought adoption had to be easier. That was until the birth mom took our baby girl back and I felt like I was dying, just like the dream before me that evaporated into nothingness.

I was done, but God was just getting started. He builds the strong out of our weaknesses and faith out of our fear.

My heart wanted to stop hurting, the pain far worse than any I have endured. Never in my wildest dreams would I have anticipated the challenges I would face as a mother. From my toddler's open heart surgery and disorders I didn't understand (PTSD, Reactive Attachment, Developmental Trauma) – I wanted my nightmare to end. After hearing the words no mother wants to hear in an emergency room at 5am, while everyone in the hospital clustered around my precious child, I begged God to teach me what I needed to learn to break free from the anxious thoughts that consumed me. What I realized, is the answers were all around me and I and I want to share them with you! There's a gift in the chaos...

Joy can be found in the chaos and you can find freedom from your anxious thoughts.

The secret comes from within, the heart of resilience that reflects the world around you. There is incredible beauty in the storm of life and miracles in the every day that each of us has access to. You really do! The best part is, you can find this beauty no matter what your life is like, starting right now. Join me as I support you on this beautiful journey.

In Faith & Love, Kelly 


Kelly Jeanne Pittman is a Transformational Coach, specializing in breaking the cycle of anxious thoughts

Kelly is an author of several upcoming books including her memoir, "God, Save Me from Motherhood." She and her daughter host the podcast, Faithfully Unapologetic where they discuss boldly how their faith and brain health hacks promote joy and peace even in the darkest hours.

Expert in calming the anxious mind, Kelly is the director of neurotechnology at a nonprofit in Minneapolis, MN,
helping clients make 
life-transforming changes using neurofeedback and audio visual entrainment.
In love with our beautiful and amazing brain, Kelly specializes in trauma and focuses on helping people break the cycle of anxious thoughts, enabling them to find joy and peace from within. An inspirational speaker, Kelly has been featured at the Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health, Minnesota Social Workers Conference, Minnesota Adoption Task Force, YIPA Fest and at a variety of organizations.
CONTACT INFORMATION: Email: Kelly.Pittman@actg.org   Phone: 612-706-5551


Why Do I Want Break the Cycle
of Anxious Thoughts?


The only way to find true joy is to break the cycle of anxious thoughts and create a resilient heart, enabling you to move out of the overwhelm and hurt. Think about what your life would be like if you found freedom from judgement!  What if you could say goodbye to the stress and fear that dominates your days? A Heart of Resilience empowers you to create your best life now, releasing you from the chaos while cultivating a peace from within that transforms your life and relationships.

Learn the 7 Secrets to Finding True Joy


The 7 Secrets of a Resilient Heart

Creating awareness of subconscious beliefs is the secret to breaking the cycle of anxiety
and discovering joy! Learn the secrets of a bold heart that loves all and lives freely.

Secret #1: Commitment

In order for transformation to occur, you need to commit to the process. This means vowing to create change and embracing the uncomfortable. Commitment means making the time to do things differently. There is no option to give up.

Secret #2: Self-Love

Taking exceptional care of ourself is our #1 priority so that we may nurture those around us.

Secret #3: Spiritual Awareness

The most powerful energy in all of the universe is love. It's the super power of a resilient heart and is the core of who we are.

Secret #4: Boundaries

Feeling safe in our body, soul and mind is a necessity in order for the heart to find freedom in love.

Secret #5: Emotional Awareness

Being able to acknowledge, understand, express and let our emotions flow through our heart is the key to finding joy, peace and connection. Releasing deep core wounds from our past that dictate the present is vital in opening our heart.

 Secret #6: Connection

The greatest gift given to mankind is the gift of relationship. Love celebrates the best of who we are and unites us in power.

Secret #7: Playfulness

Life is meant to be celebrated every single day. Finding an element of fun in the mundane or fearful experience is a skill that changes perception.

Change Yourself, Change Your World

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

— Romans 12:2


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